Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is the advancement of funds which is owed to a seller of property while the seller is awaiting registration on the buyer's name.

Probably the most apparent will need for Bridging Finance is in the house market - a seller has sold his property but may possibly have to wait as much as three months for the cash, a property owner has been awarded a brand new bond but now needs to wait six weeks for registration, an estate agent has earned her commission on a sale, but will only see it as soon as the transfer is ultimately registered.

Bridging Finance
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Project Finance

Project Financing discipline involves understanding the rationale for project financing, how to prepare the economic plan, assess the hazards, style the financing mix, and raise the funds. Furthermore, 1 should comprehend the cogent analyses of why some project financing plans have succeeded when others have failed. A knowledge-base is needed concerning the style of contractual arrangements to help project financing; troubles for the host government legislative provisions, public/private infrastructure partnerships, public/private financing structures; credit requirements of lenders, and how to decide the project's borrowing capacity; how you can prepare money flow projections and use them to measure expected prices of return; tax and accounting considerations; and analytical procedures to validate the project's feasibility

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home loan is one of the greatest financial commitments you’re likely to generate. So your decision of a mortgage provider is an important one particular. is often a committed, specialised mortgage provider and we do each new property loans and also switch bonds. Home loans are all we do - so we’re not distracted by other economic offerings. Your house loan desires truly matter to us. We don’t believe in the “one size fits all?approach, and we make it our company to understand your requirements

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Life Insurance offers you reassurance, recognizing you’re carrying out almost everything to supply for your loved ones when you are no longer able to. Life cover is intended to help your family members cope inside the occasion of the death. Your life insurance coverage policy beneficiaries are paid out a tax-free lump sum upon your death.

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Personal Loans

A money loan that provides you funds to invest as you like plus free vouchers to commit at any spot you whish and Offers you; Cash for you personally to commit on something you like. A fixed interest rate, which signifies monthly repayments remain the same throughout the loan period. No penalty fees for early settlement. The opportunity to apply to get a top-up loan following 6 months.

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Transfer Duties and Fees

Home transfer expenses consist mainly of transfer duties and conveyance charges. Transfer duties are levied by the government and are payable towards the South African Income Services (SARS). From 23 February 2011, transfer duties are calculated on the identical basis for men and women and corporate entities (companies, closed companies and trusts). The transfer duty calculation is determined by a sliding scale - at present all house acquire costs under R600,000 are exempt from transfer duty, transfer duty of 3% is levied on properties priced among R600,000 and R1,000,000, transfer duty of 5% is levied on properties priced amongst R1,000,000 and R1,500,000 and home prices which exceed R1,000,000 attract transfer duty of 8%.

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Commission Adances

Advance commission on the sale of home to estate agents / agencies. 70% of the total commission is advanced, as soon as suspensive conditions have been met on the sale with the home along with the balance of 30%, less Ascendant's charges, is paid on the date of receipt of funds from the transferring lawyer. The client for every single person transaction signs a cession from the commission and Ascendant is paid straight through the transferring attorney.

Customers can: Strategy their cashflow; Operate their enterprise with reassurance; Establish a continuous source of operating capital; Help agents who need cashflow assistance; Focus their consideration on sales and advertising and marketing; Make the most of profitable opportunities requiring added money and leave the follow-up of advanced bargains to Ascendant.

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Affiliate Program have created a fully online processing hub for the processing bridging finance, Agent Commission Advances, Tranfers Fees Advances, Bond Commission Discounting, and Business Loan applications throughout South Africa. Some features included in the system

  • Instant document generation
  • Commission Management System
  • Deal Progress Tracking
  • SMS Notifications upon approval
  • Internal Communication system
  • Query & Status Messages
  • Target comparisons for your consultants

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