Affiliate Program

How does the Affiliate Program work? has compiled a great referral program for any type of business, website or member of the general public.
  • No Training Required
  • No Long Activation Periods
  • No Joining Fee.
  • Earn Thousands by generating web traffic.
You will receive a unique referral url and when a referral does an application's staff processes the the entire application and you receive your commission.

Referral Program Description

Referral Program Description The referral program has been created for anyone who owns a website and would like to start earning money passively by just adding a simple banner to your website. Each member will receive a unique referral link which is used along with a banner to link prospective clients to the website. The refrral link has a tracking system and will correctly link any of your referred applications to your profile even if you do not link to the specific page. You can link to any page on our website and the tracking iwll still function correctly. Please refer to the honepage to view all services on the website. Please note that you will be able to earn commission on all the services mentioned in the site.

Commission Structures

The commission structure is quite simple it equal 2% of the amount paid out to the client on every service. Lets take a simple bridging finance application. Client Bridges: R 150 000.00 Professional & Raising Fees Levied R 15 000.00 Your Commission R 3000.00 on the single transaction referred by you Let us now assume you can refer 4 transactions a month your total earnings would be R 12 000.00 a month for just referring the clients. We at do all the work and follow up work with the clients.

Payouts & Activation

You will be able to monitor every transaction you post by logging into the admin section with your username and password. Payouts will occur immediately after the fees is received from the finance house (Usually the day after the the client gets his money). We then immediately process your fee for payout. The activation is simple, just complete the registration form by clicking the "Join the program today" link below. We will then review your website and create your user profile. You can immediately start referring your traffic when you receive your username and password. Please note all referral correspondence is done via email.

Bridging Finance Requirements
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