Transfer Duties & Fees

What is Transfer Fee Advances:

You may have found your dream home but have not yet managed to get equity or profits from the sale of your existing property. Without the proceeds from the sale of your existing property, how can you afford to buy the new one - especially if you want to put down a deposit and proceed with the buying and registration process?

Transfer Fee Advances enables you to purchase such a new property whilst awaiting the proceeds of your existing property. In this way, is able to help you buy the new property you want, when you want it.

How does Transfer Fee Advances work? offers you financial assistance - to meet your immediate individual needs. The following scenarios illustrate how Bridging Finance can work for you.

Scenario 1 - When an attorney needs to pay the transfer fees before registration of a property funds can be bridged to pay the fees in order to avoid any registration delays.

Bridging Finance Requirements
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